AW: CGC + Mickey Mouse In Color

Cord Wiljes cord at
Mon May 31 10:29:39 CEST 2004

Chris Hilbig wrote:

> I bought a copy of Mickey Mouse in Color about a year ago off of 
> Amazon and I still pull it out to read.  (...) I recommend it.

I never understood why this beautiful did not sell out immediately. My
highest recommendation! Anybody who does not yet own a copy: Sell your
family's porcelaine and get this! 

> In fact it makes me want to get that 
> collected Egmont released of Gottfredson's strips. I believe they 
> published his entire run. I'd have to looking it up again to be sure. 

I fear the status is this:

- No publisher is interested in reprinting the whole Gottfredson run
because it would be a financial desaster.
- Disney would not allow the reprint because many of these early strips
are not considered politically correct today.

But there has in fact been a complete reprint. You can find the whole,
exciting story about this project here:

> I hope they add another story or two or possibly a second book. But 
> even if they don't do any of that, it'll still be a great addition to 
> any mouse-fan's collection. :)

The soon to be re-released "Mickey Mouse in Color" will definitely be
the same book you own: The original, 1st edition 1988 release, at its
original price (!), signed by Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks !!!

There also was a standard edition, which is sold out but can be found in
second-hand bookstores. 

You can find some more info here:


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