Frank and Olaf (was Re: Duckburg)

David Gerstein ramapith at
Mon Nov 8 07:26:53 CET 2004

	Hey again,

 >>The interesting part is that if I remember it correctly, WDC 49 
 >>make Duckburg the hometown of the ducks, does it? It only states that
 >>Duckburg exists. :-)
 >You're of course absolutely right and the discussion might become 
 >interesting now! Until anybody proves me wrong with hard evidence, I
 >herewith claim that Donald didn't live in Duckburg until the 1950s...

	Several other DCMLers mention some late 1940s stories that also refer 
to Duckburg.
	But I recall Barks actually mentioning Duckburg a second time as early 
as 1945. I don't actually have the story nearby, but I believe it's WDC 
61, where the nephews are detectives. While navigating the city, 
somebody (the kids themselves?) hold up a map that specifically 
mentions Duckburg, or so I believe.
	I'd appreciate someone else doublechecking.


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