Happy Birthday Susan Daigle-Leach - Christmas Parade 2 Covers

ZeldasTriforce@aol.com ZeldasTriforce at aol.com
Sat Nov 13 10:15:09 CET 2004

Happy Birthday to Susan, who had her birthday on the 11th. Hope you had a 
great day. :)


I must have missed this in Previews, but it looks like Christmas Parade 2 
will have two covers. One will be a facsimilie of the 1950 Christmas Parade and 
the other will be all new including a Don Rosa drawing on the back cover. 
Multiple covers?!? That sounds like something Joe Q (or Q-Tip as I like to call 
him) would come up with, not Disney comics. I'll try to pick one of the two, but 
knowing my judgement, I'll somehow end up with both versions. :p I really 
shouldn't do that as the contents will be the same inside, regardless of the 


Derek Smith
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