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Fri Nov 19 03:20:04 CET 2004

Hi all!

Upon reading MMF 271 today, I came across a strange occurance in the third 
story, "The Santa Skeptic." Everything's fine through page 6. Then suddenly 
starting on page 7, the comic reader becomes Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day" and 
pages 7-10 repeat what happened on pages 3-6. Perhaps if the Doc starts 
believing in Santa Claus, the story will resume its course? ;)

Will the last 4 pages of the story be printed in a later issue? Though it 
might be awkward to print only 4 pages, but then it would be a waste of space to 
reprint the 6 pages we already have. Maybe a brief explanation before the 4 
pages are printed...

Anyway, I thought that was a funny/weird thing to see when I was reading 
through the book. :)

And the Somewhere in Nowhere book sounds like it'll be great.

Derek Smith
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