FW: Scrooge question

Dan Shane danshane at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 26 23:05:12 CET 2004

I’m forwarding a request to DCML that I received via direct e-mail.  I
suspect this person found my address on THE SCROOGE McDUCK PAGE.  The story
sounds familiar to me, but I’m not the sort of person who tracks down issue
Dan anyone help?

Dan Shane (danshane at bellsouth.net)
From: Betsy Palmer [mailto:BPALMER at crs.loc.gov] 
Sent: Friday, November 26, 2004 4:19 PM
To: danshane at bellsouth.net
Subject: Scrooge question

I am trying to track down a comic for my brother for Christmas.  He
remembers it had Scrogge McDuck and it was about rutabagas in some form
(they were being used like currency, I think). Have you ever heard of this?
Any suggestions about locating it? I've done a bunch of google searches and
not yet found anything. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
betsyp at earthlink.net

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