jibber jabber about a Rosa drawing at ebay

Heino j.heino at kotiposti.net
Fri Oct 1 20:21:28 CEST 2004


It's crazy how mr. Rosa's duck drawings seem to change owners every other
week at ebay.
I'm sure I've seen this awesome drawing on ebay for sale at least 3 times.
  This one is special because of the "used comic books - half cover price"
sign which is a known
  statement from the artist itself and because of all the small Barks' cover
reprints and the drawing
  shows Scrooge, Donald and all three nephews.)
It's hard to think that a person who really enjoys his work and buys such a
great piece
of art would sell it right away. Maybe (=probably) ebay is just full of
sellers who have took advantage
of mr. Rosa's generosity at conventions and now they circulate the drawings
themselves trying to get the big bucks from a duckfan. It's quite strange to
see the drawings just
change owners at the web, never getting home to a wall of a person who would
really appreciate it.

Luckily almost all the duck fans have realised not to support these sellers
at ebay and now they're
wondering where they could sell 'em and the prices have gone down. (Or every
possible duckfan
has already got a drawing and the 3042 drawings left are looking themselves
an owner, wandering at
the empty "comics/disney" section of ebay like zombies.)

Janne Heino (froooooom Finland)
(or I'm completely wrong 'cause mr. Rosa possibly used 5-6 basic drawings he
drew at the
comic conventions and that's why I'm seeing this one particular drawing at
ebay everytime I go there (?).)

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