jibber jabber about a Rosa drawing at ebay

Jano Rohleder jano.rohleder at gmx.de
Fri Oct 1 20:38:41 CEST 2004

>I'm sure I've seen this awesome drawing on ebay for sale at least 3 times.
> This one is special because of the "used comic books - half cover price"
>sign which is a known
>statement from the artist itself and because of all the small Barks' cover
>reprints and the drawing
>  shows Scrooge, Donald and all three nephews.)

You have seen it so often because this is a PRINT. It's a high quality xerox
photocopy that was made from the original artwork and afterwards signed by
Don. Don used to sell them at conventions (I don't know if he still does),
so I think the people who bought it from him have every right to resell it
(and prices for a print won't get really high, anyhow).

And no - I'm not the seller and I would never sell any piece of my Rosa
collection. ;-)


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