FW: Stolen Barks Litho in Norway

Lars Olav Karlsen donald at lokarlsen.com
Tue Oct 5 11:22:37 CEST 2004

Yes, this was one of the items from Marko Leppälä's collection but there
is good news because the lithograph has turned up again.

Someone tried to sell it cheap to a used store here in Oslo and the
owner thought he recognised it. He therefore bought it and turned it
back to the library.

All the best
Lars Karlsen 

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>From: "JOHN CHADWICK" <wolfsong at mpinet.net>
>I just received this news link from Yahoo!
> > Scrooge McDuck stolen from Oslo library
>a signed lithograph by
>famed Disney artist Carl Barks was stolen on Thursday from an
exhibition at
>an Oslo library.

Oh, could this be one item from Marko Leppälä's collection!!? Anyway,
to hear that. :-(
I hope thet they'll catch the thief(-ves).


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