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I live in Tampa Florida (the big bulls eye for hurricanes lately).  I have been a fan of yours since my childhood (I am 29) and in that WHOLE time the only semi local appearance I've ever heard of you making was at MegaCon in Orlando a few years back.  I heard about this after the fact when a friend of mine came up to me at a coffee shop and showed me a drawing you did for him (it now has a coffee stain due to my reaction, but he still has it none the less).  Seeing some #?$%*& hustle you for a buck makes me want to type a bunch of words that would get me kicked off this mailing list.


Your appearances here in the U.S. are kind of few and far between and some jerks (insert much harsher term here) use that fact to try to make a buck off people like me and sadly we pay it.  You know what though, I am a fan and I don't want some picture- you know what I want, I want to buy you lunch or dinner or a few pitchers of beer and actually talk to you and get to know a bit about you and your stories (which I've read and re read for many years).  


I may not read my comics as religiously as I used to, but to this day whenever I need to relax or to clear my head I sit with one of your comics, one of Barks, or one of Geoff Blum's articles.  I know this sounds a bit like "Zen and the Art of Reading Comics", but it's the truth.  It's people like me who buy those prints, it's people like me who look up "scrooge" every time they log into eBay.   


I hope that the fact that people can get these prices on eBay means that your fans are out there.  I know being at a show, sitting at a table, with one person every 20 minutes must get to you sometimes.  Especially when you go to other countries and you get mobbed like a rock star.  The only thing I can say is that your fans (like myself) still read your stories 18 years later and will still read them 30 years from now.  Very few authors have that kind of staying power.  I don't go back and read X-Men 20 years later; I reread "Last Sled to Dawson".  I go out and pick up Gemstone, not DC.  And your more recent work that Gemstone is publishing is AMAZING.  I'm REALLY looking forward to the new story that brings back Matilda, I'll probbably have to wait 5 years but still...


The offer is valid man, if you’re in Florida I'll drive out and I'll buy- for you and your wife.  It would be my honor; you have been a part of my life since childhood.

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