The Disney Creators

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The artists and writers of Disney films and comics are in the unfortunate position that they are left without rights to the material they create. This may be old hat to many, but actually Walt Disney was in the same situation himself when the rights to the Oswald the Rabbit character was taken away from him and given to someone else. Ub Iwerks was a junior partner to Walt Disney and co-creator of Mickey Mouse but he had to give up all rights to Mickey when he agreed to leave; Ub went on to create the not very successful Flip the Frog. Walter Kelly, was a brilliant artist with Disney but left to create an entirely different comic Pogo. For Don Rosa, David Gerstein, and of course many others, it is an inherent labor of love to work with the Disney characters. Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks had to work anonymously for nearly all of their creative period. This does not "put food on the table" but at least the creators of today are aware of the recognition they have for giving us the enjoyment that we so appreciate.  
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