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Sun Oct 17 07:56:01 CEST 2004


Sgrizzo got his English name in 1998. Egmont was developing an internal character database for use by affiliate publishers. For a number of reasons, we needed to create English names for some characters who'd never had English names before, such as Sgrizzo.

We didn't want to rename this Italian character without Italian involvement, of course, so I immediately got in touch with Disney historian Luca Boschi, who was then writing most Sgrizzo stories for the Italian comics, and we discussed what to call him in English.
I thought of the first name "Kildare", based on the crazy duck's over-the-top, daring enthusiasm. Luca suggested the last name Coot to indicate a close relationship to Grandma's end of the family.

So that's how Sgrizzo became Kildare Coot.


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