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Thu Oct 21 16:15:31 CEST 2004

> From: "Anthony Vuono" <avuono at UDel.Edu>
> Subject: Chapter 8B
> Dear Don Rosa,
>     When is your trip to Greece?

October 27 - Nov. 5.

> The D.U.C.K. man website says
> that you confirmed Chapter 8B of Life of Scrooge as your newest project!

Probably. But I still can't get to it. Now I need to do another PICSOU
pin-up before I leave for Greece.

> Besides Glittering Goldie obviously, will any other recurring 
> characters pop up or has that not been thought out yet?

I haven't spent a moment on making notes yet.

> On the same website, 
> I remember
> seeing some type of cover drawing that featured Blackheart 
> Beagle, his sons,
> and Scrooge rescuing a kidnapped Goldie. Even though the drawing 
> really was
> just a remake of a classic cover,


> I thought that scene alone deserved
> another Scrooge story of its own.

With the Beagle Boys torturing a bound and beaten Glittering Goldie with a
red-hot poker in her eye? No, maybe I should avoid that along with the rape
and vivisection scenes.

> Could the Beagle Boys somehow make an
> appearance in the Yukon in a potential 8B chapter? On the other hand, was
> Chapter 10 of the series really the first time Scrooge met up with the
> Beagle gang again since the riverboat days?

No, I think I made it clear that the Beagle Boys had not seen $crooge
between 1882 and 1902. But I'll think about it. Still, I don't need them for
the story I have in mind. I already have a villain in the varmint who
kidnaps Goldie and hauls her off to White Agony Valley.   Unchaperoned.

> Of course, the possibilities for villains in Dawson City and other ideas
for a storylines are endless.

Well, what I need are heroes. I'll make sure every living hero of 1897 shows
up in Dawson City to rescue Glittering Goldie, the Star of the North, from
the ruthless polecat who dragged her off into the wilderness. (If that's
what she wants.)

> Whatever the case, I hope to hear soon some small tidbits of what you plan
> to cook up.

That's all you'll get. Just wait and read the story.
Now I must go and practice dancing while holding a handkerchief in my teeth.

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