Hortense and Della

Adel Khan adel.khan at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 30 23:10:32 CEST 2004

Dear Don Rosa,
 For "A Letter from Home" your original plan was to use Hortense and Matilda. But Edgmont said that u could not use her. What were the reasons that you couldn’t use her in a comic? Did Edgmont say that she’s dead or let Donald and Della alone until they were grown up? Can u use Hortense in any story with Scrooge and Donald in Duckberg when Dons grown up. If you could would u do that story for Gemstone. U said Bruce Hamilton and Bryon Erickson invited u for a conference talking about HDL searching for Della. You said u abandoned the idea because there would be no happy ending. Would u do that story for Gemstone if u could or leave it alone? I know you’re really busy with these signings for the future would u make any trips in Calgary, Alberta. 

A fan of yours 

Adel Khan

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