Francesco re: "The Secret of Success"

David Gerstein ramapith at
Sun Oct 31 20:46:16 CET 2004

	Hey there,

 >> "The Secret of Success,"
 >> a long story featuring Scrooge and Brigitta MacBridge, written and
 >> drawn by veretan Italian creator and fan favorite Romano Scarpa
 > This sounds like "Zio Paperone e la formula della ricchezza", from
 > Italian "Topolino" issues 2058 and 2059. But in that case it's not
 > written by Scarpa, it's written by Carlo Panaro and only drawn by
 > Scarpa. Can anybody from inside Gemstone confirm/deny this?

	I can deny this.
	"The Secret of Success" to be published by Gemstone is really "Zio 
Paperone e il ratto di Brigitta" from TOPOLINO 272, indeed written by 


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