DCML Digest, Vol 19, Issue 1

Whitefish II bangfish at cableone.net
Wed Sep 1 18:09:50 CEST 2004


> Don't get me wrong... I am elated and very much looking forward to 
> these comicbook versions of the above
> films, but I'm just wondering how this works.  And if characters like 
> Max, P.J. and Webby, etc. are thus
> available to be used in future Gemstone publications?

You ask a very good, very complicated question (which you summarize 
yourself above). Even Disney has not thoroughly sorted out just who 
really goes where in terms of strict licensing protocol - the issues 
involving PK Duck are one example - so it boils down to Gemstone and 
Disney coming to an understanding, on a case-by-case basis, about 
whether, and even how much, Gemstone might use a particular character 
not normally understood to be in the "standard" character range.

Now, some characters have no licensing impetus behind them in the 
States - Bucky Bug being an example - and Gemstone has, in a sense, 
assumed their usage by default. As long as the basic legal proprieties 
are observed, and the royalties are paid, Disney seems willing to leave 
it at that. There may even be a provision in the license for such 
things, though there I only speculate.

And you will be seeing Runaway Brain in Mickey Mouse and Friends 269, 
shipping 9/15.


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