Use of the Standard Disney Characters and dispersal of the New Characters

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As has been mentioned in recent messages, Gemstone is not presently authorized to use the new disney characters created after the mid 1980's. Relatively new continuing "disney" characters, i.e. created after the death of Walt Disney, were utilized by Gold Key and Whitman comics until they ceased publication in 1983. These characters, mainly in movie adaption comics, included aristocats/kittens, and the universes of Robin Hood, the Rescuers, and the Fox and the Hound. When Gladstone took over and except for Duck Tales ( as far as I know) they did not use any new characters. Comic book versions of the Black Cauldron and Oliver and Company were published by Scholastic Paperbacks Inc.  Duck Tales was based on the Television series and was really itself based on the Uncle Scrooge comics. When the Disney Company took over again in 1990, they produced spin-off comics of The Little Mermaid/Sebastian, Roger Rabbit, The Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. After the "implosion" however, these Disney Company spin-offs mainly ceased, and the great dispersal began. Marvel produced The Lion King, Pocahontas, and The Huncback of Notre Dame. Hercules, in a take-along size, was produced by Acclaim Comics. Tarzan and Atlantis were produced by Dark Horse Comics. Recently take-along comics of Lilo and Stitch as well as Monsters,Inc (Pixar) have been produced by Tokyopop Manga.
I am sure we would all hope that all the disney comic characters could gather together under one roof, and certainly they could be well cared for by Gemstone. ( By the way, the Disney Company has accomplised this for cartoons in the House of Mouse.)
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