Picsou #392

Richard lerichard at
Sun Sep 5 22:51:38 CEST 2004

The latest Picsou has (among others)

- Paperino e l'ora dell'oro, 1955 by Scarpa/Martina (only reprint outside 
Italy known, first publication in France)
-  Jack Hannah's Big Blow-out, 1947
- 2 Barks ten-pagers (WDC 50, 272)
- 25 Taliaferro dailies (from the 30s)
- 2 12 pagers "the complete Van Horn" series (reprinted from the French 
- Daan Jippes's Hi-Tech Havoc (1978)
- A 1953 Murry story with Donald and Daisy (Daisy's noble parent)
- One of the first story with Fethry, from 1964, by Fallberg and Kinney (It's 
- The different money bins, as Barks drew them (pin-up page by Don Rosa)

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