DCML Digest Issue 5

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Mon Sep 6 16:34:57 CEST 2004

> From: "Lars Olav Karlsen" <donald at lokarlsen.com>
> Subject: Question for Don Rosa about the McDuck tartan
> There is a discussion going on a Norwegian forum right now about the
> McDuck tartan.
> Carl Barks wrote the story "The hound of the Whiskervilles" in 1960 and
> here Scrooge sees the McDuck tartan for the first time in his life. He
> knows that it exists but he have never seen it before.
> But in the "Life and Times" series (Uncle Scrooge 293) Scrooge have it
> as early as 1898-1902
> Is this an error from your side Don? Did you forget about "The hound of
> the Whiskervilles" when you wrote this story?

Good timing -- I just today returned from a backpacking trip into the Rocky
Mountains so that I can answer this query...
No, not an error. I was well aware that $crooge claimed to have never seen
the tartan before -- after all, I had to make careful references to that
very Whiskerville story at numerous points in the Lo$. But I found it very
interesting to use the tartan in the Lo$, so that was a Barksian "fact" that
I chose to ignore.... or I can simply say that $crooge apparently just
*forgot* that he'd seen it before, due to the memory lapses referred to in
several Barks tales, such as the Tralla La adventure.

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