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Uncle $crooge, or someone very much like him, appears for the *very* first
time in the short movie "The spirit of 43" from - you guessed it - 1943. It
is a propaganda short where he is Donald's good spirit telling him he must
pay his taxis to help support the war and beat the Axis. Donald's bad spirit
who is telling him to SPEND in the same short has a Hitler hair and
mustache. Very veird. And US is vearing a kilt with a tartan in the film,
blue stripes on an orange (or red?, maybe the colours have faded)
background. Very primitive tartan. I assume that is the one Disney

The short is in the DVD collection "Walt Disney Treasures. On the Front
Lines" with much of Disney's war production, including "Der Fuehrer's face"
and "Chicken Little" and other strange and facinating stuff, some never
released since the war. Only avaialble in sone 1 DVD so far, and will
probabaly never be in a Scandinavian sone 2.


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