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re:Today's Topics:

   1. Orange Juice (Lars Jensen)

Hi, Lars -
I wrote them in the format they appeared on the side of the orange juice 
carton. As I recall, there was a "splash" panel (title panel) at the top, with 
four panels beneath (maybe six), similar to the first page of a comic book story, 
except that the proportions were slightly different to fit the shape of the 

<<  Which characters were used? 

I think one used the DuckTales characters, featuring the nephews and 
Launchpad. Another was Donald and the nephews. And I think I did a third one that 
featured Uncle Scrooge. I seem to remember one featuring Daisy Duck, too. So maybe 
four all together. But as I think about this some more, I'm thinking there 
MIGHT have been six gags. Now I'm not sure. 

<< When were the gags made? 

I'm guessing around 1991-92, maybe somewhere in there. If I get lucky and can 
dig up one from my storage locker I can look for a date. 

<< How many did you and Van Horn create? Were they all used?

I think I did three or four (or six?) and they were all used, but not all at 
once. As I recall they appeared over a period of about a year. 

<< And I assume Donald was the lead character in all of these. Right?

No. As I mentioned above, I think Launchpad was in one. Donald might have 
been in the rest, along with Scrooge, and Daisy, but I'd have to find them to be 
sure. Van Horn might know better than me. 

Thanks for asking.

- Bob
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