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Here's some interesting new from


	From Floyd Norman:

I've had the pleasure of working with him over the last ten years or  
so, usually at Disney in Feature Animation and in Publishing. True,  
Daan did work on "The Three Musketeers," but as always, his stay was  
Don't worry about Daan going back to Europe. He's continually doing  
that, and he always comes back. He does the most amazing drawings, and  
his writing is pretty good as well, though a bit on the dark side. Must

be a Dutch thing.
I would love to have "The Flying Dutchman" on any project I'm working  

	From Dan D.  Sparks:

  It was ten years ago already, when I worked with Daan at the early  
beginnings of Warner Features. It was with him I first encountered the  
word "Glom". He thought I was weird for not knowing what that word  
meant. I thought he was weird for knowing that word. Ten years later I  
realize he was right.

	From Daan himself (via Steve G):

Yes, I will return to my
native country, the Netherlands (soon) after one year of Dreamworks  
storyboarding, to continue my comic book work (full time).
My last completed Duck stories for Egmont Publishing were a redrawn  
'King Scrooge the First' and my own 'Easter Basket Case', a dark  
(indeed) easter romp.
Just written and scribbled: a golf story (Luck or Skill?) and a  
concession stand in the dessert-story.
Stories both steeped in melancholy and despair, yet optimistically  
submitted for editorial scrutiny and approval.
Will I never learn?
A public service message for you all.


(From Harry: Yay! King Scrooge the First! Can't wait to see it!)

Harry Fluks, TNO Telecom, Delft, The Netherlands

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