King Scrooge the First! (Re: Jippes news)

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Wed Sep 15 13:02:35 CEST 2004


>> Yay! King Scrooge the First! Can't wait to see it!

> I can.

I can't. I have waited long enough for a redrawn "Barksian" version 
of this story. (US 71) More than ten years, to be exactly! 

Ulrich Schröder intended to redraw the story. Of that project, only 
a half page of an alternate scene appeared, as part of an article in 
The Carl Barks Library, set 5, page 8.

According to Geoffrey Blum in the article, the story must have been 
changed by the editor. Reading his theory, I have doubts about that. 
I think Barks might just have "censored" the story himself, during 
the process of creating it. I've written a brief investigation, which 
can be found at:
Please let me know what you think of it, especially if you think I'm 

However, if I'm RIGHT with my doubts about Blum's theory, then I hope 
Jippes has just followed the published story, as drawn by Tony Strobl. 
Barks' pencil script of the story is (still?) lost.

BTW. Note that "King Scrooge the First" is NOT a retirement story. 
Barks worked on it BEFORE his retirement. According to Barks notes 
of 1989, he didn't want the long grind of drawing the story to run 
him into overtime. So, he got no further than laying out the pages 
in rough pencil sketches. (This information also is from the 
aforementioned CBL article.)

--- Daniël

"Donald, old boy, will you mind the store a little while? 
I feel the need for some EXERCISE!"

Which Barks story? :-)

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