King Scrooge the First! (Re: Jippes news) -- correction

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Wed Sep 15 16:20:19 CEST 2004

I just wrote:

> I've written a brief investigation, which can be found at:

What I meant to say is that I've COMPILED an investigation, based on 
investigations by others. (See the "sources"-link below the page!)

I've tried to divide the facts from the assumptions. Even though 
Geoffrey Blum doesn't convince me with his theory on 'King Scrooge the 
First', he does give a lot of neutral information on the surviving 
rough material.

Without that information I would have known a lot less than I do now, 
as I haven't seen ANY rough material for 'King Scrooge the First'.
Not even that surviving "shooting script". (Do copies circulate?)

So, what I did was just judging the "proofs" that I have seen. In this 
case, it's a brief comparision of investigation reports by Blum and 
Michael Barrier. Only the final "conclusion" is mine.

I hope people will fill me in if they know more than me. (As always!)

--- Daniël

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