Invisible men CarmenG at
Sat Sep 18 05:58:43 CEST 2004

Wow, thanks for the responses, both private and public, concerning the Disney 
announcers. It brought back a lot of memories--I can actually hear Rex 
Allen's reassuring voice. (No, I'm not hearing voices in my head telling me to do 
strange things.)

But further research tells me that the uncredited announcer I was thinking of 
was Dick Wesson, a character actor/writer/director/producer who, amazingly, I 
don't think I've ever seen in a film, and I thought I knew a lot of them. 
Sadly, I found out he committed suicide in the 1970s.

I seem to have a strange ability to recognize voice actors, which sometimes 
causes me some adjustment problems when watching animation. For instance, I 
never could get used to the voice of Fred Flintstone after Alan Reed died. And 
with all the Disney animated sequels now, the new voices don't work for me. One 
exception is Jim Cummings, who does an amazing job recreating the voices of 
the previous actors. What a versatile guy he is!

Again, I have to wonder if anyone knows these people. I assume that many/most 
people on this list see these films in translation. (Does the French Mickey 
have a falsetto voice? Does the Italian Donald speak in quacks?) And I've 
wondered: Are the *songs* translated and re-sung by native voice actors when a 
movie is dubbed into another language? That would seem a bit more difficult.


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