the Carl Barks Autumn Exhibition & Events in Oslo

Lunnan & Hjort brit.lunnan at
Sat Sep 18 12:56:10 CEST 2004

Now let's see: go to (home site
for the main public library in Oslo) and click on "Cark Barks": .
The programme for the Wednesday Barks Series,
every Wednesday 18:00 -- 20:00 at Serieteket, 
is found at the second half of that page. In key words:  

** Wed Sep 22, 15:00: Grand Opening! 
Welcome!, in particular to all dcml listees!  With among 
others Øystein Sørensen (professor of history, among 
Norway's leading experts on Disney in particular and 
comics in general) and Anders Heger (publisher, author, 
rixsynser, gøbber). And there will be music (I hope)!

** Wed Sep 29, 18-20: "Duckburg Workshop", 
with Arild Midthun (whose Duck comics career has
been launched recently): how to write and draw 
a Ducks story. 

** Wed Oct 6, 18-20: "Barks and his Influence",
with among others Øystein Sørensen, Tormod Løkling 
(chief editor of the Norwegian Donald Duck weekly), 
Jan P. Krogh (editor of "Donaldisten"), Nils Lid Hjort 
(professor of mathematical statistics). 

** Wed Oct 13, 18-20: "Barks and Norway",
with among others Erik Hørthe (teacher, Donaldist,  
and dcml listee), Øystein Sørensen, Tor Ødemark (?).

** Wed Oct 20, 18-20: "Carl Barks and his sources",
with Bjørn-Are Davidsen -- and Barks-Quiz. 

** Wed Oct 27, 18-20: "Money and Values in Duckburg",
with Anders Heger versus Nils Lid Hjort as protagnist 
& antagonist (or vice versa), followed by open debate 
-- and Barks-Quiz.

** Wed Nov 3, 18-20: "Donaldism, yesterday and today",
with Jon Gisle (who authored the famous "Donaldismen"
in 1974) and Jan P. Krogh -- and Barks-Quiz.  


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