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I've been going with the theory that they were divorced.  In the cartoon where Goofy watches the house while she's away there are some subtle suggestions that she might have been unfaithful.  Incidentally, when we see Goofy in these domestic and "at work" cartoons, he's referred to as George G. Geef.  I guess Goofy's his stage name.

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---Has there ever been a comics story about Mrs. Goofy?-- 
-- I  just wonder if that lost love of the Goof was ever seen -- 

Goofy's wife appeared in cartoons but apparently not in comics, at least not in the U.S. published comics.
In 1951, she appeared briefly in the cartoons "Cold War" and "Fathers are People", however she was only seen from the back (no facial view).In these cartoons their son was first shown as a baby and then about 5 years old. In the1953 cartoon "Father's Day Off" the car she was driving was shown being driven very very carelessly and being in wrecks. (This may be an indicator of her possible future demise.) In the Goof Troop TV episodes, Goofy appears as an only father and the son is now 11 years old. In the Goofy Movie and Extremely Goofy Movie, Goofy is an only parent with the son in High School and college. 
According to HooZoo, an indication of Goofy's wife, (and as a child), first appeared in print in 1990 in a Golden Book. Further details about "Goofy,Mrs" can be found in the HooZoo web site. A link to that site can be found in the DCML home page under Other Sources.
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