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The most famous voice artist is Clarence Nash that did the voices from
the first movie in 1934 (The Wise Little Hen) to 1983 (Mickey's
Christmas Carol)

There have been a few different people in the 80s but in 1987 Tony
Anselmo took over the voice and he is still the official Donald Duck

Both can be found with a Google search on their names.


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Concerning Disney voices, I was wondering about the most famous Donald's
voice performers.

Can someone give me names or links about them??
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<<<the recent talk about voice talent and credits (or lack thereof)
<<<of a question I have asked most of my life (which combines these two
<<<Does anyone know the name of the Disney announcer for most of its
<<<programs, trailers, and theme parks during the 1960s and 70s (and
<<<later)? He seems to have been the "official" voice of Disney during
<<<of my growing up, but I have never seen his name credited. To me he
<<<as much
<<<a part of Disney as Donald Duck and (at that time) Dean Jones.
<<<Sorry if this seems off-topic, but I've been wondering about this for
<<<long--I've always loved this man's voice. To make this more
<<<for the
<<<list, I can repeat my idea from long ago concerning using Jimmy
<<<of Hanna-Barbera's Yakky Doodle) as a new voice for Donald Duck. This
<<<certainly make him more understandable while retaining his "Ducky"
<<<Does ANYONE know what I'm talking about?
<<<It's late.... Sometimes I think I live in a world of trivia.


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