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Questions for Gary first:

I noticed that in Mickey Mouse Adventures, there was the usual info for a 
subscription ($95 or something). If one were to follow through on that, would 
they be subscribed to MMA or DDA? And I assume enough time has passed to get some 
info on sales. Have they been high enough in Gemstone's opinion to make a 
second issue of MMA (or to make it a regular bimonthly series)? Thanks!

To Don Rosa:

(Possible spoilers for those who haven't read Kalevala yet). Is the old timer 
the Ducks meet actually Vainamoinen? Or is he a guy who knows a ton about the 
ancient legends? It seems like he's a counterpart of the frozen Louhi (She's 
frozen/He's a 'normal' human. Later they both become like they once were).  
Then again, the old timer mentions Sampo building at the end. Though the Ducks 
could have told him all about their adventures off-page so to speak. Just 
because something isn't mentioned, doesn't mean it didn't happen.  

When the harps are played, is the musical notation from actual Finnish 
folksongs? (You and Charles Schulz are about the only two people that would be asked 
that, as that's likely to be the case). I think that's all the questions I 
have for the moment. Thanks!

By the way, "Donald Duck laughs in the face of Death. Didn't you know?" is my 
favorite line of the story.

Derek Smith
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