David Gerstein ramapith at verizon.net
Sat Sep 25 17:12:37 CEST 2004


>    Gemstone's September issue of Mickey Mouse #268 has
> a Donald Duck story "A Visit from Cousin Dagobert".
> This "distant Cousin" Dagobert is just Donald in disguise.
> Also, Donald has a neighbor "Smith" instead of his
> usual neighbor "Jones".

	Donald's neighbor Smith (or Smitty) was a common Egmont character in 
the 1980s and still occasionally appears today— even once together with 
Jones in a story I edited.
	Basically, Smith is a neighbor living on the other side of Donald's 
house, with whom Donald often gets along a little better than he does 
with Jones; so Donald might go to Smitty for advice or help or to 
borrow something now and then.
	I notice, though, that in "Cousin Dagobert" Smitty's role could really 
have gone to Jones, as there was nothing friendly in the portrayal at 
all. (-:

> Then I was very
> surprised to see this name Dagobert in an old Barks story,
> "Race to the South Seas". [....] It must be that the
> English language version prepared from Jippes' art did not
> notice this faintly legible heading on the paper Scrooge's
> lawyer is reading.

	That's right.

> But isn't Scrooge's German name just Dagobert Duck, and
> not Mc Duck?  Is the Dutch name Dagobert McDuck?


	Best, David

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