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Lars Jensen wrote:
> Mateusz Lis wrote:
> > If you would be interested, I can translate it to English.
> Yes, please do.

So here it is (well, it's not exactly a translation):
Vicar was invited by the publisher to help celebrating 70th birthday od
Donald and 10 years of "Kaczor Donald" (a weekly) on the Polish market. The
visit was also a part of promotion of "Hall of Fame" (Polish title:
"Kaczogrod") books.
The press conference (I wasn't present at it) started at 12.00. After Vicar
had drawn a picture of Donald, he told about his work. He counted that he
has drawn 10000 pages since 1971 (when he started working for Egmont). When
Tomasz Kolodziejczak, editor-in-chief of "Kaczor Donald" and "Hall of Fame"
and the host of this conference, said that it gives nearly 80000 drawings of
Donald, Vicar became really amazed. He said that he didn't even want to
think about it...
Vicar told aslo about making comics. He said, that he often improve the
story he gets, sometimes even changing the ending. After that, he makes a
datailed inked sketch, which is later redrawn by his staff by pencil. Then,
the penciled sketch is inked.
One of the journalists aked him what is more important -- a story or art.
Vicar answered that of course the story is more important, because the good
script can go with bad art, but even great art can't save bad story.
The other question was about his inspirations. Cinema, theatre and life
experiences are the things which inspirate Victor the most.
Wondering over Donald's pupularity, Vicar said that Donald is very good and
complex character, with many interesting companions. He also said that
Donald's universe is very friendly and cordial and it's some kind of asylum
for children, who are showered by gloomy news every day. For adults, reading
comics with Donald is a way to develop the hidden child inside.
The meeting with fans started at 4.00 p.m. at Empik - the biggest store with
press, music, books, videos etc. in Warsaw. Before that, Polish television
interviewed him (the material should be aired tomorrow morning) Later, Vicar
has drawn Donald holding a book. He asked the translator to write "slownik
polsko-hiszpanski" (="polish-spanish dictionary" - it should be opposite) on
it and "Czesc" (="hi") over Donald's head.
Then he answered some questions asked by host of the meeting, a guy from
Empik, and by young fans. He sometimes asked his wife Ute for help, because
he forgot some English words. One of the question was about his infamous
panel with fourth nephew. I recorded part of his answer by the digital
camera, here is what he said (and what I understand):
"Well, this mistake has to be,  because this work was very artistic in a way
that we are also searching for good composition, the harmony, you know. And
I was working on this picture, maybe a little distract (? - I'm not sure of
this part) or maybe working on this way, that I explain. So, in a moment,
something was missing in the picture, so, I put unconsiously another duck.
But the problem is, that I have an equipment (?), they are only two, but the
one who put this in pencil, he drew the four ducks. And afterwards, it was
taken by the one of the inkers and he drew four ducks! And afterwards, by
the time I used to see the work to make corrections, and I didn't see the
four ducks. So I send it to Egmont in Denmark."
Then, about 4:50 p.m., he started signing comics. Some people were giving
non-Vicar's comics to sign...
After I had gotten an autograph, shaken Vicar's hand and had a little
conversation with him (this was thrilling and absolutely fantastic
experience!), I went to McDonald's to have a little chat with another DCML
member, Maciek Kur.
I found both Vicar and Maciek really nice guys! :-)

Best wishes,
Mateusz Lis

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