Vicar's visit in Poland

KUR ggk at
Sun Sep 26 15:02:17 CEST 2004

>Then he answered some questions asked by host of the meeting, a guy from
>Empik, and by young fans. He sometimes asked his wife Ute for help, because
>he forgot some English words. One of the question was about his infamous
>panel with fourth nephew. I recorded part of his answer by the digital
>camera, here is what he said (and what I understand):
>"Well, this mistake has to be,  because this work was very artistic in a
>that we are also searching for good composition, the harmony, you know. And
>I was working on this picture, maybe a little distract (? - I'm not sure of
>this part) or maybe working on this way, that I explain. So, in a moment,
>something was missing in the picture, so, I put unconsiously another duck.
>But the problem is, that I have an equipment (?), they are only two, but
>one who put this in pencil, he drew the four ducks. And afterwards, it was
>taken by the one of the inkers and he drew four ducks! And afterwards, by
>the time I used to see the work to make corrections, and I didn't see the
>four ducks. So I send it to Egmont in Denmark."
>Then, about 4:50 p.m., he started signing comics.

I was there as well. I was somwere obaut 4:30 sow I did here the whole
Interviue with Vicar. I araive like fiue minets bifoure he was teling obaut
the fourt duck. And ofcourse I give him "Vicar's Hall of fame" to sing. This
is very first autograf  I got from a Duck-artist. It's sow magical and
special :-))

>Some people were giving non-Vicar's comics to sign...

Yes. Moust kids In Poland propebly not realise which storys are Vicar's and
wich not.

>I found both Vicar and Maciek really nice guys! :-)

And I found out theat Mateusz Lis is really nice guy :-)


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