Nicotine gum (reply to postings from last summer)

Olaf Solstrand olaf.solstrand at
Sun Sep 26 23:22:53 CEST 2004

For some reason, I didn't notice this when we actually discussed it, last  
summer, so I respond to it now instead.

Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr. asked if alcohol had been used in any known Disney  

I replied:
"[paragraphs about a few stories containing alcohol]

And, even though this is not alcohol-related, I must mention that one of  
my favorite comics EVER is the one where Scrooge is opening a tobacco  
plantage, and have Donald and Fethry doing research for him by picking up  
cigarette ends all over Duckburg to find out what brands are popular. And  
then, a maharaja (or was he a prince?) picks up Donald and rents him to be  
a hitman."

Claudio Eckert replied:
"This reminds me of the story I TL  920-A. Iin the German translation  
Donald and Fethry have to search for spit off chewing gums, though."

Also, Petri Kanninen replied:
"So they were cigarettes! In the Finnish version Scrooge has Donald and  
Fethry collecting bubble gum papers. I knew there was something odd with  
the papers they picked up. The story is actually from the same pocket book  
as the wine bottle collection story. It is Zio Paperone e i "desperados"  
di Paperopoli, I TL 920-A."

I noticed these replies just now, so I have to ask:

----------[ SPOILER AREA ]------------------
Amazing! Chewing gums? Bubble gum papers? OK, I shouldn't be surprised  
seeing such a translation in a disney comic. But... That story started  
with Scrooge telling that he had bought a tobacco plantation (if my memory  
isn't playing tricks on me), and it ended with Donald and Fethry salting  
and thus destroying the poisonous plants that were ruining the farmland in  
this eastern country, and when they come back, they proudly tells this to  
Scrooge, who explodes in anger hearing this because he realized the plant  
they ruined was his tobacco plantation.

What did the "hide-all-references-to-tobacco"-translation do to this in my  
opinion very clever idea? Don't say it was a gum plant?
----------[ /END OF SPOILER AREA ]----------

Oh, and... Petri, you asked if our edition of "Zio Paperone e il  
nabucodonosor da collezione" actually said that the bottles Scrooge and  
Rockerduck were collecting were wine bottles? Yes, they were. No juice  

Olaf Solstrand

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