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ANTHONY to LIST, 02-04-2005:

> Can someone please transcribe that "Prisoner of White Agony Creek" 
> Rosa interview and post it on this list in English for us poor 
> Americans? Thanks so much! It would be so appreciated!

The author of the McDuck-news, Naadje van de Kous, has added a second 
article. It contains news about a press report which says that the Dutch 
weekly Donald Duck Weekblad will remain in its current form. 

Rough translation of the rest of this article: After some shocked reactions 
to the news of last Friday, the editor has changed thoughts and decided to
wait at least another year with the publishing of only just Rosa-stories in 
the weekly. Number 2005-15 has been changed just on time, and is expected to 
contain a fifteen-page story by Jan Kruse and Bas Heymans. 
Special reporter Naadje van de Kous will temporarily leave, and 
hopes to return in about a day or 364.

First Dutch article:
Weekblad voortaan in teken Rosa
1-4-2005, door Naadje van de Kous
About Dutch weekly; Rosa "White Agony Creek"-interview; rumours about Dutch 
promotional tour by Rosa; plans for Rosa-merchandising (posters, cuddly toys, 
tea-cups, signed litho's), and Rosa redrawing old-fashioned stories for Dutch 
Barks-album series.

Second Dutch article:
Weekblad voorlopig in oude vorm
2-4-2005, door Naadje van de Kous
About canceling the plans with the weekly.

--- Daniël

"Hey! You're in TAR AND FEATHERS! That's not your USUAL costume, is it?"
(Which Barks story?) :-)

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