Boemer affair

Ernst Longtuperkingston J. D. Phoulestphishfellow longtuperkingston at
Sun Apr 3 22:02:34 CEST 2005

I am writing this from an internet cafe in Amsterdam
and am currently wearing sunglasses.

We all know that DanYel VaN eIjMMMeren and Nils
Backstrom are the same person and that the infamous
Boemer has been Daniel's lover for 23 years. But there
is something else more secret and frightening in the
so-called Boemer affair. I have been a closefriend of
many people involved in this affair, and I have
decided to reveal some of the things I know. I will
reveal part of it on May 7, 2005. For now I prefer to
leave. There are too many policemen in the area, the
place is too dangerous.
If I don't write anything on may 7 2005 it means they
got me. One of my lawyers in Kayman Island has
instructions in a closed letter as to where the proof
documents are located and will reveal it.

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