Blaming innocent people / Rosa mails

Kai Saarto ksaarto at
Mon Apr 4 01:46:47 CEST 2005

Dan Shane wrote:

>>As usual, I recommend no further response to the malicious postings by TOD 
>>(The Other Daniel), no matter who is claiming to be at the moment.
This breed seems to be capable of feeding himself, unfortunately. If no 
one replies to this troll, he would just make up new personas and have a 
conversation between them. Any person with some integrity would have 
seen by now that his presence is only annoying every single other member 
and  have unsubscribed. Who has ever taken his side except for those 
first time mailers, who are themselves obvious trolls or spawns of this 
one troll to be more exact?

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:

>You are guilty of blaming an innocent person, Dan Shane.
>The same for Kai Saarto and Steven Rowe.
This Nils guy has never posted on this list before and suddenly he jumps 
in and starts acting exactly like this troll, spamming the list with 
that same message? Boy, someone sure knows how to underestimate every 
single person on this list.

>Ask Don Rosa for an explanation. Don Rosa is the one who sent out those
>controversial emails to someone unknown. That is Don Rosa's own mistake.
>Keep me out of this.
And who was it that started spamming this list with it in first place? 
Don't you just hate people who just never take responsibility of their 
own actions?

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