Don Rosa, the Dutch editor and The Netherlands

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Mon Apr 4 10:36:47 CEST 2005

KAI SAARTO to me, 04-04-2005:

> This Nils guy has never posted on this list before and suddenly he 
> jumps in and starts acting exactly like this troll, spamming the 
> list with that same message? Boy, someone sure knows how to 
> underestimate every single person on this list.

Stop demonizing me, Kai Saarto. Immediately. A lot of Dutch people can get very 
angry when people try to manipulate the liberty of speech, especially after the 
recent deaths of people like Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.

I've let you and Dan Shane do your writing, because I wanted to know what you 
had to say. And apparently, you have no idea how *upset* and *angry* several 
Dutch people are, for being generalized, ridiculized and offended in an email 
by a certain Disney artist named Don Rosa.

You've told us that Rosa set up a trap to catch a reader of his work. But then, 
why does Rosa write such an offending email about Holland in the first place? 
Why does Rosa once again attack the Dutch editor of his comics, using strong 
wording? Do you really think that people will believe your excuse that Don Rosa 
was just playing around and setting things up? Where is the catch then?

Rosa has written some controversial stuff to an unknown person. Emails in which 
he misuses a reader's identity - in a way that makes this individual very easy to
find. That's what happened. So, your theory of a Disney Duck artist setting up 
some evil trap to catch a poor Duck kid, only makes this situation worser. Don't 
you see that? 

You've drawn a picture of a sick Disney artist who, despite all the praising and 
warm attention, still has plenty of time to play dirty tricks against critical 
readers. Rosa should have replied about this matter himself. That might have 
avoided a lot of confusion. Rosa should take responsibility for this. Not you.

DON ROSA wrote:
"But for 15 years it has been *strictly* a few Dutch fans who are so vocally 
negative about it in the most vicious manner. It begins to seem to indicate 
that the Dutch have a national trait of being the nastiest and pettiest 
people in the world. But why would that be? Do you find the Dutch to be this 
nasty and vindictive in everything they say or write? It's very sad!

Keno Don Rosa, why did you write stuff like this? Why did you misuse my name? 
That email about Holland stands completely on his own. And you know it.

--- Daniël

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