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Nils-at-Duke Lid Hjort hjort at
Tue Apr 5 16:57:13 CEST 2005

Daniel van Eijmeren (a little while ago): 

<< Last night I received the news that Dutch Disney artists (like Heymans 
and Gulien) are allowed to draw their own balloons again!!!!!!!!

In recent years, these balloons have been added by computers. The Dutch 
artists were not allowed to draw them by themselves anymore.

But now the balloons are back. I'm told it's final, and that nothing 
can take it away anymore. In approximately 8 weeks the first results 
will turn up in the Dutch weekly Donald Duck Weekblad. >> 

Interesting. Out of curiosity: 

(1) How is this done for other Disney comcis publishers,
like for Egmont in Scandinavia? I would not be surprised
if they [typically] used computer-drawn balloons. 
An argument supporting their use, in addition to "general
flexibility and convenience", I suppose, is that fixed
balloons don't translate that well -- saying "pass me
the potatoes, please" might simply require more letters
and/or words in Russian or in Finnish; hence the "finnishing
touch" space sometimes added to balloons. 

(2) Has this been "a thing to fight for" for many artists,
like van Eijmeren's tone of report indicates? I suppose
it depends quite on the individual artist's style. 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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