Reply to Gary

Anthony Vuono avuono at
Sun Apr 10 19:23:24 CEST 2005

>The one edition of "Lo$" currently in production is a prestige format
>book - re: US and WDCS - that will collect all twelve original chapters
>with accompanying editorial features. A hardbound edition is being
>considered, but is not scheduled at this time.

Dear Gary Leach,
    Thanks for your quick response. I intend on buying this version
definitely when the date for its release in June becomes closer. However, I
sincerely hope you go ahead with your hardback edition one day, because I
think it will be popular....maybe even with Don Rosa's B-chapters, including
the soon-to-be upcoming "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek." Anyways, thanks
for producing these comics. I enjoy them very much every month and look
forward to whatever projects you have planned for the future!

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