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>I assume "stats" is short for "stationary": The camera which is used to
>shoot stats is mounted to a *stationary* plate.
>The exposure time of the photographic material is probably rather long
>(several minutes?) so the camera has to be stationary to get sharp

Yes, indeed. I have worked with such camera. Sized of a small car and placed 
in a dark room. It's just like Gary Leach described (Mon Apr 18 20:19:11 
CEST 2005). In older days nearly all the pictures newspaper or magazine 
(etc.) used were made using this kind of camera. Original picture was 
positioned under contact frame, under glass. Image was exposured on 
photosensitive paper through lenses. Photographs were processed using dotted 
"ben day" screens layed over the photographic paper, to make them printable. 
With black and white art, this was not necessary, of course.
I pressume Western shot their stats in smaller size, to save the space. If 
they had done them 1:1 there would be no sense at all.
Same camera was used to make printing films too. Negative films which were 
used to make printer's plates. Maybe a word "stats" is used to mean these 
films also?


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