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Thu Apr 21 12:26:25 CEST 2005

Great news for collectors that Gemstone will be issuing TPB's. During the Western Printing Co. era the closest thing to TPB's were the Giant Comic books that were not published regularly.
 In the 1990's, Gladstone came out with a large number of TPB's which included the Gottfredson/Barks/Rosa stories.
 Somewhat surprising, and maybe not aware to many, is that Gladstone is still selling most of these TPB's (see ). The price of these are now mainly higher than the original cover price, but on eBay they can often be found at a good price.
Regarding an album of the Good Housekeeping Disney pages, it is my understanding that these pages were not  comics, but were summaries with illustration of the Mickey, Donald, and Silly Symphonies movie cartoons. Hopefully this will be a fore runner of a spectrum of material for Disney enthusiasts that will be provided now under Mr. Geppi.
Marvin Winitz 

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