Further Re: DCML Digest, Vol 26, Issue 24

Gary Leach bangfish at cableone.net
Fri Apr 22 17:29:42 CEST 2005


> First off, a couple of questions about Donald Duck Adventures and
> Mickey Mouse Adventures.  I think about a year ago we heard that they
> were going to be available in Borders, and Barnes and Noble
> bookstores.  As far as I can tell though, they are not carrying them
> yet.  Has there been some snag in these plans or other hold up?

I understand that these books have been a challenge for Diamond Book 
Distributors, but I really don't know much beyond that. I have seen 
some of the early volumes in the children's section of a couple of 
Barnes and Nobles; speaking for myself, I'd rather see them in the main 
graphic novels section. That, though, is outside my purview.

> Also, are we going to be seeing any long
> classic stories by such Italian greats such as Scarpa, Cavazzano, etc.
> in upcoming issues of DDA and MMA?  I have been enjoying the stories
> that have been put in DDA and MMA so far, but I am surprised that this
> format has not been used to showcase some of these classic long
> stories by such greats.  Is there a reason such creators have not
> appeared in DDA and MMA yet?

No particular reason. Our emphasis has been on getting the stories by 
North American writers into print, but other than that there's no 
restriction on what creators we use.

> I was wondering if you could tell us Gary if there are plans, however
> nebulous and far away yet, for not only a Barks TPB library but also a
> Rosa and Van Horn TPB library?

Well, yes, there have been - and continue to be - thoughts and 
discussions about all kinds of things like this, but I can't say that 
any definite plans are afoot beyond what has been announced. When we 
have a bead on the next round of special projects, you'll certainly 
hear about them.

> I am thrilled to hear the Gemstone is going to publish "Mickey and the
> Gang" late this year!  According to Amazon, the softcover version will
> only cost $39.99.  I really appreciate the fact of Gemstone making an
> affordable softcover version for people who can not afford the $149
> hardcover version.  If I am not mistaken, I believe that Applewood
> Books was going to publish a similar books about 7 or 8 years ago but
> somehow it did not get published.  Whatever the case, I am thrilled
> that Gemstone is going to be publishing such a great collection of the
> Disney pages from Good Housekeeping Magazine!

Gemstone's Disney comics license was not designed for projects like 
this, but Gemstone and Disney had the interest and energy to work out 
the necessarys, so please give a tip of the hat to both companies for 
this happy, long-awaited event!

> I must admit I get somewhat confused reading all about the "stats" and
> which company has them, which are available, etc.  However, does this
> issue explain why certain Barks' reprints published by Gemstone look
> just great while others look kind of muddy and photocopied badly?

No, that has to do with the state of archiving of Gladstone's computer 
files back in the early 1990s. This involved both technical issues and 
business decisions that didn't iron themselves out fully until the 
publication of Gladstone's Uncle Scrooge albums was well underway. As a 
result, while much of what Gladstone produced is still usable, much 
isn't (or no longer even exists). A full compilation and restoration of 
accessible and usable computer files of Barks' work is now being 
undertaken by Egmont, and this still has some way to go before it's 

> Finally, on an off topic point, I have to second what Cord Wiljes said
> about the Little Lulu comics being reprinted by Dark Horse.  I too had
> never read Little Lulu stories, and they are just fantastic!  I
> imagine that many people who appreciate Barks' work would love to read
> these stories as well.

A point of further clarification: the hardbound Little Lulu Library was 
published by Another Rainbow, the same as put out the hardbound Carl 
Barks Library. Another Rainbow was a company founded by Bruce Hamilton 
and Russ Cochran, and later wholly owned by Bruce Hamilton.


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