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Hi all!

Here are the previews for the Disney comics coming out in July 2005 from 
Previews Volume XV, #5.

Donald Duck Adventures #13 --- Three Disney adventure stories that include 
Donald Duck in "Masque of the Mardi Gras," by Dave Rawson and Manrique; Mickey 
Mouse in "Mouse by Mousewest," by Stefan Petrucha and Miguel; and Uncle Scrooge 
in "Scrooge McDuck's Feeling for Ice," by John Blair Moore and Carrion. FC, 
7x10, 128 pages $7.95

Donald Duck and Friends #330 --- Features the Carl Barks classic 1944 strip 
"Rival Boatmen," as well as Mickey in "The Mouse Who Knew Too Much" by Pat and 
Carol McGreal and Noel Van Horn. Plus, Donald Duck in "The Pauper and The 
Pauper," by Gail Renard and Manrique. 32 pages, FC $2.95

Mickey Mouse Meets Blotman --- by Pat and Carol McGreal and Joaquin. This 
Disney one-shot features Mickey Mouse and a heroic version of the Phantom Blot. 
When Mickey Mouse is hurled into an alternate dimension by one of Doc Stat's 
inventions, he discovers that everything in this new world is a little 
different. 7x10, 48 pages, FC $5.99

Mickey Mouse and Friends #279 --- Features "Time and Time Again," by Pat and 
Carol McGreal (defintely a household in which the typewriter/word processor is 
the most used appliance) and Cesar Feroli. See Mickey and Doc Static time 
travel to ancient Egypt! Plus, a Grandma Duck short, and a vintage Super Goof 
tale by Tony Strobl and Steve Steere, in which Goofy encounters Super Bad Wolf! 
32 pages, FC $2.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #659 --- Pat and Carol McGreal (Honey? The 
typewriter broke! The third one in a month!) and Cesar Feroli's epic Mythos 
Island saga continues in this issue with "Drag of the Dragon" and "Menace in the 
Mist." Marco Rota provides the lead Donald tale, "Blazing Tongues," along with 
an accompanying cover. The book ends with a classic William Van Horn story, 
"That Ol' Soft Soap." 7x10, 64 pages, FC $6.95

Uncle Scrooge #344 --- Uncle Scrooge squares off against Magica in Marco 
Rota's "Pike Patrol," then Sly K. Switcheroo in Romano Scarpa's "All You Need is 
Love." Also there's Beagle Boys and Gyro shorts, and the vintage Carl Barks 
tale from 1967 "The Cattle King" rounds things out. 7x10, 64 pages, FC $6.95


And some other stuff:

W.I.T.C.H. Volume 1 --- The first two W.I.T.C.H. stories are shown in their 
original comic format. See what happens when the five ordinary girls discover 
their extraordinary powers! 6x9, 128 pages, FC $4.99

W.I.T.C.H. Volume 2 --- Two more W.I.T.C.H. stories are bound together! In 
bright, four-color illustrations, the Guardians of the Veil learn to control 
their new powers and travel to Metamoor for the first time. 6x9, 128 pages, FC 

That's So Raven Volume 5: It Takes Two --- Raven foresees Eddie receiving an 
F on his Spanish test, which means he'll get kicked off the basketball team. 
But her vision is also included all of the test answers! Will Raven help Eddie 
cheat in order to fulfill his hoop dreams? And when Raven has a vision of her 
father getting fired from his job at the restaurant, can she prevent her dad's 
career from going up in smoke? 5x7 7/16, 96 pages $7.99

And now for the comic that actually has some quality! (that was sarcasm for 
those who initials are DDM ;)

Lizzie McGuire Volume 13: Gordo's Video & Obsession --- Lizzie becomes a 
fanatical champion for the enviroment and the homeless. Will all the good deeds 
make her friends and family want peace... from Lizzie? Meanwhile, Matt's new 
role as hall monitor makes him write too many citations -- to his family members! 
Later, when Gordo sets up a hidden video recorder around the school, he 
realizes the students aren't exactly smiling that they're on candid camera! 5x7 
7/16, 96 pages $7.99


A really good month. US 344 sounds like it may be one of the best US issues 
ever with Rota/Scarpa/lesser known Barks stories. Gemstone is getting better 
with almost every month that passes by as far as I'm concerned (except for the 
Bucky Bug conspirators that obviously haunts their halls. ;)

Derek Smith
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