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Lars Jensen has a point, but in all honesty, the more RECENT issues of the pocket books have been rather disappointing compared to the earliest issues.  The most recent DDA had a couple of good points (I especially liked the camaraderie between Donald and the female archaeologist in the Egyptian story -- a rare chance for Don to form a bond with a female and be treated with full dignity!), but the stories weren't such a much.  Hopefully this was just a minor hiccup.

Re Santiago's comments: Michigan State University Library is also well known for its immense pop-culture collection.  I had never heard of the Duke collection, however.

Chris Barat
> Jano Rohleder wrote: 
> > I'm also quite disappointed in DDA and MMA (especially as MMA was once 
> > announced to feature great Italian stories). They include mostly very 
> > poor Egmont productions by Bancells & Co with idiotic plots. 
> > 
> > Well, I guess it's simply for the reason that it's cheaper to use 
> > Egmont productions. While those are produced in English (and therefore 
> > have to be modified only a litte for publication), the Italian stories 
> > would have to be translated first, as they are entirely Italian. And a 
> > translator is an additional cost factor which is probably unprofitable 
> > for Gemstone. 
> So to sum up: Gemstone are cheapskates, and I and most other Egmont 
> creators who work on the pocketbook stories are hacks, non-talents 
> and/or idiots. And you give Bancells an honorary mention. 
> You know, sometimes I wonder whether certain people have had all traces 
> of common decency surgically removed. What kind of person would post a 
> blanket statement like the one quoted above on a message board where 
> several of said creators and publishers are members? Do you also phone 
> up TV writers and tell them they suck if you don't like their work? 
> Somehow I doubt it. 
> If you are dissatisfied with the quality of stories being produced by 
> ECN, then why don't you voice those dissatisfactions here where you can 
> actually interact with some of the relevant creators? Let DCML know what 
> you like, what you don't like and what you would prefer to see. I can't 
> guarantee writers and artists (including me) will follow your wishes, or 
> will even reply to your postings, but at least there's a chance somebody 
> will think you have a point. I know I'm always interested in 
> constructive input. (As long as we're not talking about story ideas!!!) 
> Just telling creators their work sucks won't lead to better stories. 
> Lars Jensen 
>> Nils-at-Duke Lid Hjort: 
> > a monumental gift to Duke from two brothers who were 
> > students 
> > here, comprising 55,000 or so comic books. So you 
> If I knew when I was young, I'd studied at Duke! 
> ;-) 
> Santiago. 
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