Marvin (re: Good Housekeeping pages)

David Gerstein ramapith at
Sat Apr 23 05:22:41 CEST 2005

> Regarding an album of the Good Housekeeping Disney pages, it is my 
> understanding that these pages were not  comics, but were summaries 
> with illustration of the Mickey, Donald, and Silly Symphonies movie 
> cartoons.

	A few were reprinted in the Gladstone I series comics (1980s era). 
Each page consists of four or five paintings telling the story of an 
intended cartoon, with the plotline related alongside the pictures in 
Edward Lear-like rhyming verse.
	I say "intended" cartoon, by the way, because given the long lead time 
for magazine production in the 1930s, these Good Housekeeping pages 
often had to be created as their corresponding cartoons were just 
starting production. Often a cartoon would be heavily revised or even 
shelved after its GH page was made; so the pages reveal great numbers 
of interesting concepts that never reached the screen.


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