Comics collection feature

le Richard lerichard at
Mon Apr 25 09:59:04 CEST 2005

There is a new feature on the COA website:
You can now tell COA what set of comic-books you own. Once the list is created,
COA will remember it every time you visit the site, and "link" it with the data
in Inducks.
I am using it myself, and it's quite handy: stories that I have are marked in
the COA output, and I can very easily search through my stories. For instance I
can make a list of all Scarpa stories I miss in a few clicks.
Creating the list of comics is also easy, in fact easier than if I wanted to
type in a text file or spreadsheet. COA will make a list of the comic-books
you own/miss for you. For me it is also easier to have my list on the web
privately rather than having to find where I've put it.

Yet, don't spend hours polishing your list of comics, the interface may not be
totally safe: yesterday it deleted some of the data I sent. The bug
is corrected now, but there may be others (just try it on a few items).

That's why I need your help: if something doesn't work as expected, send me a
mail (fwi at with a bug report. It's difficult for me to test all

Last note: one person asked me to make his list of comics public. I am not sure
exactly what would be the use of this, and I think I wouldn't want to show that
information with the Inducks data. Anyway, for now no comic list is public (and
will never be unless you explicitely ask for).

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