Numerous questions and comments about Gemstone (Lars Jensen)

Cesar Ferioli Pelaez lapis_niger at
Wed Apr 27 11:29:35 CEST 2005

Hi Lars!

Here you have the answers to your questions...

>1. I've heard rumors you have a look-alike running around in an old
>Scarpa story. Is this true?

Absolutely not. Unfortunately I've never met Romano Scarpa, although I was a 
big fan of him. I would have liked meet him sometime, of course, in the same 
way I woud have liked meeting Carl Barks or Floyd Gottfredson or Carpi...

2. I see you spell Ferioli's first name "Cèsar". In Inducks his name is
spelled "César". (Note the different accent.) Which spelling is correct?

Both. César is Spanish (pronouncing the "C" as a "TZ"). Cèsar is Catalan 
("C" as a "Z"). It doesn't matter, you also can use the Italian "Cesare" or 
the Latin "Caesar" :-)

3. A reliable source (Clarabelle Cow) tells me you've been having
romantic dinners with Trudy while Pete is in jail. Can you confirm this?

:-))))) A gentleman can't speak about these things.


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