Gemstone LoS

Gary Leach bangfish at
Sun Jan 2 21:47:24 CET 2005


> When would the LOS book be out the same time Somewhere In Nowhere 
> would be out.Are u and the rest of the Gemstone crew still working on 
> it.I can"t wait till Gemstone prints it in one book.

Gemstone's edition of LoS is currently in early production, with an 
anticipated release for this coming July. (This is, I must emphasize, 
subject to change.) Coordination with the Gemstone publication of 
"Somewhere to Nowhere" was not part of the planning of the publication 

This edition will be softbound and feature the original twelve chapters 
of LoS, with related materials - quite possibly including outlines of 
Don's sources of inspiration and research as you described elsewhere.

As for the "extra" chapters Don has done relating to the original LoS? 
These might comprise a follow-up volume for next year, though current 
plans remain speculative. More on that as things progress.


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