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le Richard lerichard at
Tue Jan 4 19:18:34 CET 2005

Le mardi 4 Janvier 2005 18:29, Cord Wiljes a écrit :
> Stefan wrote:
> > Scanning might be legal after 75 years, though.
> I am planning to still be around when Don Rosa's works enter the public
> domain. As the early Gottfredson's already have and the Barks' are going to
> when I retire :-)

That won't work because Disney and other companies will make pressure to 
expand the 75-years limit (like I think they did, several times[?]). And even 
if you normally have the right, Disney will sue you if you publish anything 
with Disney comics for trademark violation (or something else even if not 
legitimate) [like they once did with an unfortunate publisher?], and you 
won't be able to afford lawyers expenses to fight them in court.

> Another legal question: Which country's copyright law applys for works
> created abroad? Let us say a Disney comic is created in Italy by an Italian
> creator for the Italian Disney publisher. Does Italian copyright law apply
> or U.S. copyrigt law?

My guess is Italian copyright law only. Any U.S. law is irrelevant in a 
European court (or other courts in non-US countries). It matters only in very 
special cases, like when a EU country would not extradite someone to the US 
because of the death penalty.

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