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> >From what I know I think the convention is aimed at recognizing copyrights of
> works between different countries but local laws will still apply obviously.
The chief objective of the Berne Convention is to make copyright law
similar enough that copyrights can be enforced between the parties.

The convention, for instance, dictates a term of fifty years after
author's death. It demands that copyrights be provided without any
special registration, and specifies what sort of things must be
subject to copyright.

> In European laws you have different moral rights for authors (some of which
> could not be sold in FR) that I suspect are quite different in America.
The anglo-american concept of copyright is very different from the
continental "Droit d'Autour"; in particular the "author's right" is
regarded as a natural right of creators while copyright is NOT.

> This information is hard to get because very few lawyers will explain it clearly
> (the less you know, the better it is for their business?).
Point me at a profession that doesn't do this to at least some extent..? ;)

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