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Thanks for replying David. Sorry I exaggerated about the consistent part. I 
wonder what's causing these unusual delays. I just noticed that US and WDC 
aren't on Diamond's shipping list this week. A week's delay between the $3 and $7 
comics has only happened once before as far as I can remember.


Highly recommended is the latest issue of SIMPSONS COMICS (#102, now on sale) 
featuring a tribute/spoof of Western Publishing Carl Barks classic Donald 
Duck/Uncle Scrooge adventures. Mr. Burns, in a the Scrooge-like role, enlists 
Homer (as a pants-less Donald-like companion) for his annual summer treasure 
hunt. Bart, Lisa and Maggie (in the nephew roles) join in as they sail to the 
Island of Donrosa where they scale Mount Van Horn, seeking the floating key of 
"Strobl" ("where the ancient tribes of Taliaferro placed it years ago!"), through 
Gottfredson trench, to ultimately find the "Barks Billions". All of those 
italicized names are, of course, references to popular Disney comic book artists. 
The Bongo Comics line is consistantly good (the Radioactive Man issues are my 
particular favorites). This story, from Ian Boothby and editor Bill Morrison, 
deserves our special notice.

The first and maybe only time I buy The Simpsons comic.

Free Comic Book Day:

For FCBD on May 7th, Gemstone will be releasing Uncle Scrooge, which reprints 
"Only A Poor Old Man" from FC#386. Pretty good choice if I may say so! :)

Derek Smith
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